Project Description

HERE aims to design a business incubation methodology for people at risk of exclusion in their own neighborhood. We will work in degraded neighborhoods. The aim is to promote what we will call social economy of proximity. This means that, we will primarily map the needs of the neighborhood and then we will train the vulnerable neighborhoods, who usually live in vulnerable situations so they can be the ones creating companies in order to provide their own needs and jobs. The project aims to carry out a mapping of opportunities in degraded neighborhoods, to design a adapted training for this vulnerable neighbords, to implement the incubation of entrepreneurship projects among the neighbors and put all this practical information on a MOOC.

The objectives of HERE for the 30 months of the project will be:

– To measure ex-ante the impact that these companies might have on selected neighborhood in order to identify their strengths/weaknesses.

– To create a map of entrepreneurial opportunities in degraded neighbourhoods

– To create new models of collaboration between neighbors at risk of exclusion, associations, administrations, NGOs, and companies.

– To implement an incubation methodology for neighbors at risk of social exclusion.

– To raise awareness of these intellectual results among the ecosystem of social entities, companies, and administrations.

– To improve the social fabric of neighborhoods, creating mutual relationships among the neighbours.

– To design an inclusive and productive framework, through the entrepreneurship of neighbors at risk of social exclusion to meet the needs of their own neighborhood and give an answer.