1) SHELTER: NGO whose mission is to develop support services for victims of human trafficking, immigrants and refugees. It has multiple projects with the public administration and social entrepreneurship (LV)

2) ASOCIACIÓN CON VALORES: it is an NGO with a business focus that works with groups at risk of social exclusion and marginalization; its members are professionals from the business world with long experience in entrepreneurship (ES)

3) UNESSA: is a civil society organization, a federation of reception, accompaniment, help and care for people. UNESSA federates 900 structures in Wallonia and Brussels, among them an organization specialized in social entrepreneurship (BE)

4) ANZIANI: is an NGO focused on entrepreneurship and social inclusion. Experience in incubating businesses with people from groups at risk of social exclusion and in managing microcredits (IT)

5) DOKUZ: is a dynamic university which keeps growing with 14 faculties, 10 institutes and graduate schools, 3 schools, state conservatory, 7 vocational schools, 54 research centers. It also embodies Dokuz Eylul Technology Development Zone (TK)

6) BEST: is a training institute that has provided support to clients in the field of human resources for over 25 years, also developing training programs for vulnerable groups (TA)