Intellectual Outputs

IO1. REPORT NEIGHBORHOOD NEEDS AND VULNERABLE BUSINESS NEIGHBORS CAPACITIES: We will make a detailed report, through face-to-face interviews, of the needs of the neighborhoods where the project is carried out, which of them could be covered by neighbors and the limitations and capabilities that vulnerable neighbors have to cover them.

In this way we will have in a scientific way valuable and objective information on how to build business models of the neighborhood for the neighborhood. It will be carried out through fieldwork interviewing associations of neighbors, shops, administrations and NGOs. Subsequently an analysis of the information obtained will be carried out to have a clear view of the needs of the neighborhood and therefore that entrepreneurship opportunities exist for vulnerable neighbors. And on the other hand, the limitations that neighbors have at risk of exclusion to meet these needs and therefore which if they could and which they could not. In this way we will have a complete map that will give us a clear vision of how to act on the following IOs.

IO2. Development of TRAINING CONTENTS on SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, always adapted to the training limitations of entrepreneurs at risk of exclusion.

For this reason:

– We will analyze the best entrepreneurship courses on improving the entrepreneurial skills of vulnerable people in Europe: masters, degrees, etc.

– We will adapt the best ideas to the local needs. In the case of vulnerable people, many of the deficiencies are linked to a lack of financing, marketing know-how, business strategy,

etc… and in some cases more basic skills. We will asses the best learning approach for them: online course, face-to-face, number of hours per week, etc.

The feedback and structured process will enable us to create adapted manuals and agendas for those potential excluded entrepreneurs.

IO3. INCUBATION:  Once we have the two Intellectual Outputs (IOs) above, it will be time to VALIDATE THE SOCIAL INCUBATOR TO PRACTICAL LEVEL. It is about validating THIS NEW HYBRID MODEL OF COLLABORATION BETWEEN THE VULNERABLE NEIGHBORS, THE NEIGHBORHOOD AND THE BUSINESS WORLD. There will be a process of incubation with 30 NEIHBORS AT RISK OF SOCIAL EXCLUSION, supported by their neighborhood and professionals from the business world, which will yield a huge amount of information and from there valuable conclusions will be drawn. The results of the validation will be detailed in a results and conclusions Report.

This report will contain information on:

– EFFICACY of the designed incubation process (phases, times, etc.)

– APPLICABILITY of the training program adapted to these collective.

– EFFICIENCY of working together with ward entities identifying niches market.

– FITNESS to create teams that are functional and effective in leading projects business

– DIFFICULTY of neighbors at risk of exclusion in acquiring certain knowledge and overcoming difficulties associated with undertake.

– CAPACITY of NGOs in engaging in business processes by supporting these vulnerable neighbors.

– Management’s PREDISPOSITION to support such solutions Innovative.

IO4. Open Course (MOOC) will be designed with the output and lessons learned on the project. We expect that this course will serve as a guide for other entrepreneurs and NGOs or administrations, whose mission is to support business projects of people at risk of exclusion. The training will enable them to contact companies in their local areas, include specific projects already validated, provide adaptable tools and provide all parties with the required skills and knowledge.